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Another edition of Monday Love…

A quote: People who say they sleep like a baby usually don’t have one. – Leo J. Burke

Something personal: It’s Monday, the first day of the second week of school.  With all of the excitement calming down a little, I have been sleeping rather well.  I guess you could say “like a baby,” but some may argue whether that is a good or bad thing.  Which brings me to today’s entertainment.  For as long as I can remember, I have been snapping pictures of Kylie while she sleeps.  I think in the beginning it was simply because she was my first child, and oh so cute.  But now I’ve realized that I may never be able to stop this habit because Kylie continues to find amusing ways to sleep.  We no longer have a monitor in her room, so what she does before falling asleep is a mystery.  But here is how she ends up…..(Keep in mind these were all taken in a DARK room with a point & shoot camera!)  😉

As you can see, Cinderella (her baby doll) is always nearby.  And in the first picture, she’s actually hanging on to the side of the bed for dear life!  I haven’t been nearly as obsessed with taking pictures of Jake sleeping, but we’ll see what happens when he gets into the big boy bed!  🙂

And since I’m reflecting on the past, here are a couple pictures to show how far my babies have come….  XOXO

Something yummy: Do you ever make pancakes and end up with a whole bunch of extras?  I’ve been making Oregon Griddle Cakes from scratch and they are DELICIOUS!!!  But the batch makes more than we need at breakfast and tonight I found something cute to do with the extras.  A Pancake Cannoli as a sweet treat!!  Heat the pancake for 15 seconds, add a little fat-free cool whip and a few mini chocolate chips!  My kids thought it was DA BOMB!  🙂  Sorry I don’t have a picture!  I’ll take one tomorrow.  But, here is a picture of an awesome kid-friendly dinner I might try next week from Gina’s Skinny RecipesSkinny Meatloaf Cupcakes with Mashed Potato Frosting!  Her site is truly wonderful if you like to find new “lighter” recipes with lots and lots of great pictures.

I wonder if I could get my kids to eat these Black Bean Brownies?!?!?  Extra protein and fiber, and lower in fat.  It’s worth a try!!  Picture is from Gina’s site as well.

Happy Monday!!!

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by Crystal

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Heidi Levy I truly think this is the funniest blog post you have EVERY done!! Way to go MOM on documenting her sleeping…it will haunt her one day!

Jeff I was laughing out loud uncontrollably when Crystal started reviewing the “expansive” catalog of sleep pictures with Kylie-bear. I love it!

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