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Another edition of Monday Love…

A quote: Tradition is the illusion of permanence. -Woody Allen

Something personal:  What an interesting quote by Woody Allen.  After giving it some thought, I can truly understand the sentiment.  My view of tradition has always been centered around the holidays and various milestone events.  In my quest to have special traditions, I often find myself wondering what I’m so obsessed with.  Ah-ha!  My quest for things to always stay the same.  I became more obsessed with creating these traditions as my children started growing up.  Jeff often gave me the “what’s the big deal” speech when I would obsess about something as simple as what would be for breakfast on Christmas morning.  Of COURSE it’s a BIG DEAL!  I want my kids to do the same thing, year after year, and maybe then, JUST MAYBE, they will never grow up and leave…… or forget about me!!!  It’s funny, I just thought of that — but it must be what I’ve been thinking all along.   And, in hindsight, I didn’t have too many traditions growing up so it could just as well be a childhood issue for me.   Anyway, probably too much information, but just thought I would share.  🙂  And on that note, here is a tradition that I started when Jeff and I got married.  I bought my first Swarovski snowflake in 2004 to hang on our tree, and I’ve bought one every year since then.  The process of opening each ornament and putting it on the tree reminds me of how far we’ve come in our 7 short years of marriage.  I feel very, very lucky.

And another tradition….. attempting to get a cute picture of my kids for our Christmas card…. not so pleasant.   I had this crazy idea that I would get some fake snow and have them lay on the ground with their heads opposite each other and get the perfect smiling photo.  I forgot to have them put coats and hats on (in my rush to do this in 10 minutes) which makes the “snow” seem kind of silly.  And Jake refused to lay “upside down” next to Kylie, which destroyed my vision.   So, our xmas card will have something else deemed more perfect (HA!) and I thought I would share this picture, cuz it did turn out cute!  🙂

Cool Shopping Find:  I ordered this Mini Air Hockey table from the Land of Nod for the kids for Christmas, and I can’t wait to watch them play!  It’s a great deal for just $69.95 and free shipping too!  🙂


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