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Another edition of Monday Love…

A quote: Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.  Proverb

Something personal:  My husband and I both grew up with very modest lifestyles.  Single parents, public school, simple home/apartment, etc.  I think we both learned to appreciate the value of a dollar that way, and how hard our parents worked to make sure we had the things we needed.  I have great memories of my childhood, of my first job (at 15.5 years old), and my first car (a beat up red camaro!).  I worked for everything, including my college tuition!   When I look at my life now, and my kids lives, I would say we are “rich” in comparison.  And yet we live on a budget, we try to save money, we are “upside down” in our home (thanks to the housing market), and I long for new clothes, shoes, and purses!   I often ask myself why I want these “material things,” and I’ve yet to find a good answer.  I just do!  But alas, the point to my story is that Jeff is really good at fixing and reusing things.  I love that about him (and hate it sometimes too).   Here is a great example of the latest reuse/recycle project.  Kylie’s Barbie bike that I purchased at a consignment sale for $20 two years ago, repurposed into a VORTEX racer bike for Jake.  It’s better than any bike we could have bought in the store, and the whole family had fun completing the transformation.  Grandpa even found a new seat and pedals to complete the look.  And now the “making” of the bike is part of the memory.  Love that!

Here’s a “before” pic.  Kylie learned how to ride without training wheels in December.

The “after” picture.  Jake looks pretty cool right?

Something cool:  A while back at a friend’s Pampered Chef party I bought the Mix & Chop Tool.  It has been the best purchase – and I use it all the time!  It’s always such a pain to chop ground beef/turkey into small pieces with a spatula. This makes it so easy!  It’s the little things…..


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by Crystal

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Heidi this is by FAR the best re-purposed bike EVER!

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