Monday Love / The Sun and my Point & Shoot Camera

Another edition of Monday Love

A quote: “Here comes the sun, and I say it’s alright…”  George Harrison

Something personal: As I mentioned before, it’s crazy busy right now.  I feel like I’m swimming in quicksand sometimes (not that I have any idea what that feels like, but I’m just imagining).  You can look for some sneak peeks coming up soon, but for now, I wanted to share some more pics from our beach vacation.  Last year, I used my iPhone almost exclusively for our family beach vacation.  Mostly because I forgot the charger to my point & shoot, and I was too lazy to drag my big camera around everyday.   This year I was more prepared, so I did bring my trusty Canon S95 (Point & Shoot Camera).  It does a really good job capturing sun flare, which I love to play around with.  It’s so nice now, in the digital age, we can take lots of pictures just for fun and see what the results are, rather than wasting rolls of film.  Here are a few fun pics that I got, with the sun behind my subjects.   I love having just the silhouette in focus, with the beautiful blue sky as a back drop.  Try some of these when you are outside playing with the kids in the early evening, when the sun is low in the sky.  You’ll be surprised what your point & shoot camera can do!

And that is my Kylie Bear, flying in the sky on the swings at the Boardwalk.  We were the only ones there (off season) and the kids had a blast.  She was beside-herself-excited about this ride, shouting from the sky: “THIS. IS. SO. AWESOME!”

Something I love: For my foodie friends out there, I just thought I would share two sites that I really enjoy (blogs and facebook).  The first is 100 Days of Real Food.  She has so many great (simple) ideas for eating “real” food with a family in mind.  I finally took her suggestion for the Smoothie Pop Molds, and we use them almost every day.  We make smoothies a lot, so now I put the extra in these molds and freeze them.  Kylie loves having them for a snack, and I love that they don’t have any added sugar or artificial ingredients (like the yogurt tubes) – AND I can put some spinach in there too!   I also like the posts from Deliciously Organic.  She has great recipes and I enjoyed reading about her journey with food, and returning her body to a healthy state.  She has a great discussion about fat here.


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