monday love

My second edition of Monday Love – I hope you enjoy!

A quote: “One can say everything best over a meal.” George Eliot

Something personal:  If only meal times at our house were a peaceful time for conversation (as the quote implies).  If dinner tonight is any indication of our future, I’m not sure when we will have another conversation!  We do our very best to eat together as a family, especially for dinner.  However, Jake being 18 months old and Kylie being 4, there is much more yelling, screaming, food throwing and all-out chaos than there is easy conversation these days.  Assuming this will change over the years, we plan to keep at it.  Wish us luck!

On a more positive note, breakfast today was actually quite nice.  I often wonder if I’m creating any true “family traditions” for my children, but I am realizing these traditions often create themselves.  Our occasional weekend breakfast spread is a testament to tradition.  We have waffles, eggs, turkey sausage, fresh strawberries, bananas and orange juice.  The table may not look perfectly decorated, but to me it’s a beautiful time when my kids are almost always smiling and we can enjoy their company at the table.  Of course, an endless supply of syrup usually facilitates a nice long breakfast…..   😉

I snapped a quick pic with my point and shoot.  Jeff would probably throw something at me if I tried to get the beast out and take “pro-pics” of our family breakfast.  I kindly cropped him out as well…..

Something I love:   I LOVE ice cream.  More specifically, my favorite ice cream is Jamoca Almond Fudge from Baskin Robbins.  More recently though, I have a new obsession.  Cold Stone Creamery: Founders Favorite with Coffee Ice Cream (instead of vanilla) and ALMONDS instead of Pecans.  It’s AWFUL (and by awful I mean AWESOME) and so bad for me – but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!  Okay, that was my confession.

Cute Shopping Find: When I had a recent newborn session with Evan, I mentioned to his mommy that I got some of the cute hats from Etsy.  She had never heard of it (which surprised me), but then it occurred to me that maybe lots of people have never heard of it.  So, if you have never shopped at Etsy – you MUST GO SOON!  It is a storefront for individual sellers of almost everything you could dream of – mostly hand made.  One of my favorite products are the hats from  PDX Beanies.  Let me know what kinds of cool stuff you find while you’re shopping!  🙂

A peak:  Here is another little preview of the new things happening behind the scenes here at CCJames Photography.

Stay tuned for sneak peaks from another beautiful newborn and two sweet kiddos!  HAPPY MONDAY!!

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