Rite of passage?

Speechless.  That best describes how I felt when I looked at Kylie after dinner yesterday.

Me: Kylie, what did you do????

Kylie: Sorry Mommy.

What do you say to your daughter when you realize that she lobbed off one whole side of hair while playing with her friends?  Oh, and a little bit on the other side — to make it even.  I truly was at a loss for words.  I did the same thing when I was a kid, around the same age too.  But, I was being babysat and did it all by myself.  I don’t remember my mom being mad at me, but she cried, and I think she was pretty mad at the babysitter.  The mix of emotions is so strange for me.  On one hand I realize it’s just hair and not only will it grow back, it will probably look just fine when we get it cut and blend it in.  On the other hand, I feel this terrifying loss of control because my little girl just made an unwise decision, getting caught up in the fun with her friends, and it’s just the beginning of the road that I’m not yet ready to travel down as a parent.  The road where my child grows up and makes ALL KINDS of decisions (good and bad) on her own.  A road that she will have to travel alone, with my support, but without my protection.  The road of life.

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by Crystal

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