As I mentioned a while back, I will be taking some time this year for myself (not just for sitting by the pool, although that would be nice) – but rather, to continue my education and training in my craft.  Last weekend I did just that, and it was VERY rewarding.  I got to “shoot” for 4 hours straight with tons of volunteer “models” that had suitcases full of clothes and plenty of patience for all the different things I wanted to try.  It is such an amazing feeling to have complete creative license to capture the art that is brewing in my mind.  It was an amazing 2-day workshop focused on urban-style photography and I thought I would share a few quick favorites (I say a “few” because I took over 600 images).  😉

As you’ll see, our volunteers were GORGEOUS in every way!  This young lady was soooooo polite, funny, beautiful – and I really enjoyed working with her.


This is her brother – also incredibly polite and oh-so-handsome.  He was Mr. Serious – but I kept telling him he had the BEST smile.  I hope he didn’t think I was a creepy old lady with a camera!  Ha!


Couldn’t decide between the bright color and the vintage look.  THOUGHTS???


I got mom to join a pic with her kids.  LOVE IT!  They are from Cali just like me – so we had fun talking about the AWESOME weather we left behind on the west coast….   🙁


Just look at this little beauty!  Her bright blue eyes and dark hair were just amazing.


She’s only 17 *gasp* !!!!


Love this little sweetheart too.  The color is amazing, but the black & white is really cool too.  It’s just hard for me to pick so I had to show you both.


Some more vintage style on this photo.  Timeless.


Had to share one of the “dudes”.  They are all teenagers and so fun to work with.  Polite, but funny, with a whole lot of ego mixed in…..   😉


Who wants to do an urban session now?????

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by Crystal

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Heidi Love all the pictures – you are so talented! Looking forward to seeing more when you are done!

Amy B. Love the picture of the dudes – looks like a movie poster!

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