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Here’s another edition of the Wider Angle with Jeff James (my hubby).  Now, don’t be disillusioned into thinking that we are so ultra-organized over here, but hey, we can dream!  🙂

The Family Corporation

Boy, life is complicated with two small children. Now that summertime has officially begun here in Georgia, I have seen a huge shift in the day-to-day responsibilities of taking care of our children. It’s as if they received an injection of ‘crazy juice’ on their last day of ‘school.’ Now, mind you, our children have not yet begun elementary school, but I can just imagine this ‘shift’ being more pronounced as they move in and out of the daily routine of grade school and into summertime each year.

To manage this craziness, we need a plan. Actually, we need more than a plan; we need a full-fledged corporate structure with roles, responsibilities and standard SLAs. I have mapped out our family corporate structure below:

Chief Parental Officer – this is highest ranking parent who is responsible for most care-taking responsibilities (whether they like it or not). This belongs to Crystal.

Chief Financial Officer – this is the person who coordinates all bill payments and sets global strategy for retirement planning and investing. This is not to be confused with the person who writes the most checks, or logs the most credit card transactions!

Chief Scheduling Officer – my wife manages a complex calendar via MobileMe/iCal – it has 5 distinct colors on it to differentiate Kylie, Jake, Crystal, Jeff and THS. This role is very under-appreciated – so here’s a shout-out to Crystal – woo hooo!! CSO’s rock.

Director, Food & Beverage – meal planning, grocery shopping, and keeping all the cupboards stocked is NOT my specialty – this is Crystal for sure. Although I’m happy to say that I am heavily consulted during the requirements gathering phase each week.

Director, Information Technology – this particular role is also under estimated and under-appreciated. I’m currently managing between 8 and 10 unique devices on our home network, sharing over 200 GB in iTunes objects across 5 devices and managing over 4 Terabytes of data storage capacity. And I love every minute of it!

Snack Manager – Kylie owns this one for sure. She’s constantly monitoring the snack storage and distribution and often introduces new snack concepts to the family.

Crying & Whining Coordinator – Jake currently holds this position but sometimes asks Kylie to fill in for him.  We plan to eliminate this position in 2012.

Director of FUN – I’m happy to report that this is an active committee at the James Corporation – this committee meets daily to ensure the CSO has ample time allocated for FUN each week!!

Now add this to your ‘real’ job of earning money to keep a roof over your head, food on the table, and a car in the garage – it’s a lot stuff folks. Whew – I think I need a nap!

Just for giggles – here’s a very entertaining video of Kylie!

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by Crystal

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alice park OK. This has got to be the funnest family corporate structure ever. Crystal – your job is tough. High five to you, sista. Jeff, Director of Fun – NICE. And I loooove the kid’s roles… Crying & Whining Coordinator? Hilarious!

So great getting to know your better half, Crystal. You guys are just one big crazy family!

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