The Wider Angle with Jeff James

To further my efforts in broadening the content on my blog, I invited Jeff James (also affectionately known as, my husband) to write a little something.   I believe we are truly soul mates, and even so, our opinions tend to differ greatly on many things.  Hence his coined phrase “Daddy Does it Different” or D.D.I.D.  I promised him I wouldn’t censor anything or tell him what to write — so beware of future issues ladies!  😉

Crystal: Tell our readers a little about you.

Jeff: I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY – an average athlete but better than average student.  I went to a small engineering school in upstate NY (Clarkson University), where most graduated with a minor in drinking.  🙂  While my degree is in Aeronautical Engineering, I’ve spent most of my career selling software to call centers.

Crystal: What’s the best part and hardest part about being a Dad?

Jeff: The best part is hearing my kids call me Dad.  It’s a label that will never go away, and I like that.  The hardest part is to keep being the adult.  I have a silly side, and it’s easy for me to laugh with them when I really need to be ‘the adult’ in the room.

Crystal: Tell us what inspires you… besides your awesome wife, of course!  🙂

Jeff: The human spirit.  I am fascinated by stories of great suffering followed by great achievement.  Whether it’s physical, emotional, psychological or financial trauma, I am empowered by the human brain’s ability to overcome, adapt and evolve to its surroundings in an effort to survive at all costs.

Crystal: Tell us something else interesting about you, hobbies, etc?

Jeff: Since my job consistently challenges me mentally, I love to decompress by focusing on a single physical task that I can drive to completion.  I grew up riding motorcycles and still do that today.  I love tearing things apart and putting them back together.  I am also a high-end audio/video enthusiast and enjoy tinkering with that too.

Crystal: And since he didn’t mention it, I have to put in a plug that he built our custom bar all by himself soon after we got married.  I was very impressed!  It’s nice having a “handyman” around the house!  🙂

Without further ado, the Wider Angle, written by Jeff.

So my lovely wife thinks it’s a great idea for me to start contributing to her ‘blog-o-sphere’ content by providing a Dad (or husband) point of view to the world of pregnancy, parenting and pictures.  I will likely focus on the last two, since I have more experience there.  🙂

My theme this week is imagination.  As a young boy (and middle child) I often had to rely on my imagination and creativity to keep me from boredom.  I remember turning my entire bedroom into a labyrinth of race-track, and would play for hours with my matchbox cars.  We used to make up games, tell stories, and turn scrap paper into toy soldiers.  The picture below is a one of my fondest memories with Kylie … every morning we’d pour the mega-blocks all over the living room floor and we’d build stuff, and she loved it!  Usually, we ended up with the same ‘monster’ (her favorite), before her hunger took over and we’d settle in for breakfast.  She looked forward to it every morning for two straight weeks, until this ritual was eventually replaced with another.

It’s times like these that remind me of how important it is to turn off the TV, put down the Blackberry, drop everything, and just “imagine” with my kids!


I swear this is not my attempt to get in “the last word” BUT, I wanted to add this quick snapshot I took tonight of Kylie, with her monster that she proudly built all by herself.  Jeff is out of town for work, but his spirit is always with us.  XOXO

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